A swing story

Having just spent a wonderful weekend dancing at the London Lindy Exchange, today I’m taking a moment to mourn the death of Frankie Manning, the international ambassador of Swing Dance.

The name of this site is a kind of spoonerism of Jitterbug: another name for Lindy Hop, the original Swing Dance.

Below is a video, by Jules Kerssemakers, that I have been toying with the idea of posting here for a while, of myself and Sam Flint mucking about at The Speakeasy in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you Frankie, you will be much missed


  1. jan main Says:

    loved this made me smile this am … you are still dancing then ..
    and that stuff you took pictures of on flicker.. is cow parcley..xx Jan

  2. Sophia Says:

    Well danced Mark, and Sam. Loved this video!

    :7 😀 ;7 😛 :7

  3. Nathania Says:

    Loved it – great sense of humor on the dance floor! Glad I got you started – wish I was still dancing… maybe I should start up an extremely all ages dance party!