Birthday weekend

A week ago it was my birthday. I visited Sheringham in Norfolk, with Penny, and The Tower with Nic.
Choo choo White Tower

And now I’m 41 8o


  1. Tyg Says:

    Hey, how old were you when I met you? Have I got to that age yet?

    Doesn’t life begin at 40 or somefink?


    ps, when you going to visit us? It appears you’re in UK land more often than not and you haven’t visited us ONCE!


  2. Sagar Sen Says:

    Salut Monsieur Skipper!

    Bonne Anniversaire…Je vais aller en France cette Mai.
    Comment passe le swing et l’autre stuff?
    Je juste promener au ton blog..c’est tres interessant!
    a bientot!


  3. Mark Says:


    It looks like you have passed me in French, at least written french. (I’m feeling proud today of having reserved hirecars and booked hotel rooms on the phone in French)

    I look forward to your re-arrival.

    Will you be rowing over from Canada?

  4. Sagar Says:

    Mark Dada,

    Thanks..but it could either mean that my written french is too advanced or its full of errors ! 🙂
    looking forward to seeing you in the Rennes soon. How is Dojo’s dance treating you?
    Has anything changed out there?

  5. Jame Says:

    hey! haven’t talked to you in ages, but I occasionally check your blog to see how everything’s going. Happy birthday!!!


  6. dominic Says:

    Congratulations on you 41st Birthday. if you were here we could go for nyama choma. You know the one down on Charcoal and not gas leaving the smell and taste intact.Dominic

  7. Mark Says:

    Thanks Dominic, but I think you would enjoy that more than me, perhaps we never discussed it when I was there but my choice is not to eat meat and I think I have **never** tasted nyama choma in all the time I was in Kenya.