Bloody Vikings

As you can see from the recent comments page, is still getting attacked by comment spammers who want to get their web sites to the top of popularity based search engines like Google. When I see them, I delete them, but that is a slow process and because the recent comments page is my own quick-hack, there is no way to remove the entries from there so there they stay.

The good news is that the comment throttling script I added is doing a great job at keeping this shit off my pages. We have had a dozen or so hits over the last month but today I looked at the log files for this site. Oh my :O it was 1.2MB! The full text of each rejected comment is included in the file. There were hundreds of them!

In an effort to cut down even further, I have put a copy of the keyword blacklist from Movable Type onto my server. I’m going to try and test it in a minute on this page so you might see some pointless looking comments here from me. This will mean that you can’t put words like poker, viagra or blowjob in your comments on this site. Sorry :confused: if you want to offer me oral sex please send me email to my now well known personal email address.

I’ve also removed the url field from the comment posting form and reduced the number of allowed URLs per comment to one. If you think this is a bit too strict, let me know and I’ll consider changing it.

But most importantly of all, please keep on posting your comments. I love reading the comments you leave on this site and it encourages and supports me no end to know you guys are reading this site while I’m out here in Africa.


  1. Testing testing, Says:

    I’d love to give you a blowjob.

  2. Testing testing 1,2,3,4 Says:

    Oh, well that didn’t work did it :O

  3. Mark Says:

    OK I should have read the instructions, it’s the URLs of links that can’t contain those words.

  4. Drew Says:


  5. Jan Says:

    :)Yo is good to read this even more now that I have been there ..
    But I can say I am not offering anything other than to tell you there is a parcell in to post tomorrow hopefully ..
    and It was good to see the comments on the quilt..
    I am so glad you like it and Tell Ben I have the Bag and use it …I love it buy the way none of those pictures we "put on my camera are there " why didnt we check ??? derrrr bum…so nice try anyway ..
    love Jan