Corporate Livery

OK I stayed up **way** too late last night doing this new ‘look’ for and I haven’t tested it in Micro$oft Internet Explorer yet (but it looks fine in Mozilla) so would you guys please let me know how it looks? (and also what you think, but don’t be too critical yet, Im still sleep deprived) 😥


  1. tyg Says:

    COOL!!! I like … I’m gonna wander off this lab computer now and check the setup on mine (running firefox) …

    I’m Back! Ok, It appears that your logo and arrows are on a WHITE background on mozilla, but a kind of light grey one on IE. I thought the light grey box was part of the design, obviously not – I like both of them, so don’t worry about it.

    You should put a disclaimer at the bottom of your page that says "Best viewed using MY browser, on MY computer, on MY desk, sitting on MY chair, in MY home", or some such 😛


  2. natty Says:

    looks good in my IE until you get to the comments page, at which point the date and title get smooshed into each other vertically.

  3. Lydia Says:

    Looks funky – the grey background in IE looks fine. Hugs and peace! 😀

  4. The Designer Says:

    There is not supposed to be gray background, those png images were saved with "transparent" backgrounds but it sounds like M$iE doesnt know what to do with them so I’ll make some white ones up and switch them over when I get the change.

    Thanks for the comments.

    Keep ’em comin’

  5. Lydia Says:

    Now it has a a sort of greeny grey background – bit like a pond!

  6. Drew Says:

    I like it 🙂

    Bug: (Mozilla( If the post is short and ther eare no replies, then this here box crashes over the "free speach online blue ribbon campaign"

  7. mungbean Says:

    Lookin good in Firefox 1.0!!! (just released on Tuesday – highly recommended, and worth getting just for the web developer toolbar extension!)

    Safari 1.2.4 puts the lovely logo in the wrong place though (far right instead of top) but rest is cool.

    IE5.2/Mac all looks fine except the heading of the article (e.g. 11/11/2004: "Corporate Livery") is way too big.

    I wouldn’t worry about IE though… if the markup and CSS validate OK then sod M$

    …er, talking of which, this might be why your logo moves in Safari:

    Line 201, column 81: end tag for "img" omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

    You’ve been lazy with your attributes too… XHTML requires all attribs to be quoted, ie. class="next", not class=next

    Best bet is to hit your validate button and go through the errors.

    Let me know if you want screen-grabs.


  8. Mark Says:

    So I’ve pushed the vaildate button and Ill take the resulting
    error list back home and work through it on the machine there. Since these pages are assembled by perl scripts from lots of templaters and such like the damage might be spread over a large area of my hard disk. Ill come with a set of instructions to myself to update later. Be interesting to see if fixing the tags makes safari do the right thing.

    Meanwhile here are some images with white backgrounds!

    I don’t like the site map under the logo, does anybody use it? I could try and move it to the sidebar by the calendar and make it goi vertical, or I could just loose it alltogether and have less crud on the page. Suggestions?

  9. The Designer Says:

    I’m also working on a new set of smilies to fit the colourscheme and to have better (different) expressions.

  10. Frustrated Designer Says:

    So, I sorted a bunch of XHTML errors out and introduced a new bunch. :crazy:

    Wish I had this checker in my house. Ill fix the others later. Most of them seem to be to do with the way I have moved the search form to be that link instead of a form in the side bar.

    Does this make the page look any better in MS and Safari?
    Interested about the fonts being too big. The default style sheet that Greymatter comes with has absolue font sizes stated in pixels. I have switched some of these off but not yet all. But I’d like to be able to format the entry headings using H1 and H2 and maybe x-large,etc but not 14px, etc. So keep those comments coming about how this page looks. Thanks.

  11. The Designer Says:

    OK I got it to check without errors. Please check it in M$iE again for me and let me know whassup!