ladder (12k image) Continuing my theme this week of old photos, here’s one of the builders raising sand and gravel up to the to of the new building. The scaffhold seemed to be made of twigs and there was a man on each level armed with a shovel. The rest was pure hard work!

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  1. tyg Says:


    wow – what a beautiful piece of engineering! I used to watch people build mega scaffolds just from bamboo back in bandgaldesh. was constantly amazed by how much weight those flimsy things could hold.

    I’m back from the americas … man, really missed you out there. Was GOOOOOOOD … just catching up on your blog – Cool! lots of piccies. God knows when I’m gonna have time to update my blog. very VERY busy with work at the moment – have lots to do in the next couple of months if i’m to have ANY chance of an extension … oh well …

    and i hear you’ve also heard from a juggly type recently … what HAVE you started??? 😉