Jua Kali Technology

Seeing Drew’s comment on the Kingoti entry reminded me about this which I saw while I was up there watching the acrobatic dances.

Jua Kali Public Address System

Someone had taken a car speaker and mounted it in that big plastic bucket. The stereo had external speaker jack sockets already so they plug the big speaker in and hey presto, a sound big enough to dance to under a tree.


  1. jan Says:

    I love that .. did you dance? and I send the vid clip to a drumming friend … did you get my email… listening to new madonna dn madness.. and cleaned the house and oooh zezetop .. sharp dressed man always reminds me of you .. that deep voice .. xxx jan

  2. Mark Says:

    No, I didn’t dance.

    I’ve been totally lame (sic) in that regard: was invited to practices of a couple of local groups and never showed up. Guess I didnt really want to. Kinda regret it but not going to let it worry me. I didn’t feel totally convinced that they weren’t expecting me to give them money, that’s been a constant problem in Kenya, a real barrier to makiing friends. OR should I say to building trust.

    Fukkit! I’m leaving next week anyway and llike it or not I’ve not fallen in love with Kenya like some people do. I’ts been good while It lasted, and I’ll miss it. And now its time to move on.

  3. veronica Says:

    Mr Mark we shall miss you dearly.For the time you stayed with us we enjoyed your company.personally you assisted me alot in my programming lessons and you enabled me score what i scored in my pragramming units.Thanks alot for your good work.when you go back to your home say hi to you family members and all your freinds and just know that we shall miss you big!!! 🙁