Whose house is this?
It’s Meg’s (old) house.

Meg’s the PCV who lived up the road from Tala in a little place called Kingoti. Her neighbour Consemptor started a women’s group to do awareness raising work through dancing and tubling (acrobatics). Here she is taking control of the meeting that Katie and I went to see recently.
Consemptor takes control

When we arrived the group was sitting under a tree …
Under a tree
…and being addressed by a local Elder Mama who wanted to see their certificate of registration as a community group. Then the local Chief arrived, it was turning into a bit of an impromotu ‘event’, but they soon began dancing.

More Acrobtics

Here is a movie of them doing acrobatics. (10MB .avi file)


  1. Nic Says:

    acrobatics indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed dancing about my flat last night for no good reason 😀

    anyway haven’t bin in touch for a while so just thought I’d let you know that I haven’t forgotten you!



  2. Mark Says:

    Tahnks Nic, lovely to hear from ya.

    I often dance about my house here when I’m on my own.
    Usually, though, there is some suitable music, like Rockit by Herbie Hancock.

    What were you playing?

  3. Nic Says:

    was a real old tape that mike made me when we were traveling, iggy pop, janes adiction, dance… reminded me of happy places and sunshine!

  4. Meg Says:

    Holy crap mark, you have my old house on your blog! It is so weird looking at a my front yard and all my Mama’s in a picture that wasn’t taken by me! I didn’t think I was so homesick for Kingoti, but i’m almost in tears so I guess I am. –Tell Kioko everyone is very impressed with his slingshot–

  5. Penny Says:

    i have sent a link to Jonny! At last we have seen Meg’s house!
    See you very soon

  6. Drew Says:

    I stumbled across this antenna for wifi, and thought of your blog entry – 10 miles range!!

    C You soon
    Drew #8)