Not stuck!

I’m not stuck,

I’m taking a break from progress

to enjoy being grateful

for everything I have already achieved.

— Mark Skipper, 8/03/2007


  1. Tyg Says:



  2. James Soar Says:

    Have you achieved the ability to not care about achievement. Who is right? Nietzsche or Buddha? I enjoy the company of cats.

  3. jane Says:

    Hello Mark,

    This is Jane From Holy Rosary College,the last class u taught javascript.

    It was really nice having you as our lecturer coz u’ve helped me achieve so much.

    I managed to get a job as a banker and i owe you the whole respect.

    Anyway kudos for your good work and your website is exciting.

    Nice time! 😛

  4. Mark Says:

    Hi Jane

    Wonderful to hear of your success. I wish you all the best in your career and in the rest of your life.

    This is turning into one of the most interesting, provocative and stimulating blog entries I have ever written.

  5. bharatii Says:

    nvc, haiku style…

    reading your poem,
    joy floods me; need for laughter
    definitely met


  6. Mark Says:

    I love when my comments are haikus. I have to add that I read this comment first of all in the email notification that I get from the system and I only read the poem part. And Im proud that I recognised the form.

    Bharaty, by the way, welcome to BJ.c. For my other readers, she is a wonderful and gorgeous woman!

    This blog entry continues to sustain me. Some people have written me private comments on it by email.

    Re-reading Marc’s comment above, I’m thinking about something I read today in The Power Of Now by Ekhart Tolle:

    I’ve lived with several Zen masters. All of them cats.