Last night a wonderful thing happened: My stage IV students invited me to join them in the dining hall where they were celebrating one of their birthdays! What a lovely time we had, dancing to friday night radio, eating food they had cooked, singing happy birthday (including the Kenyan second verse!).

After the meal they inaugerated speeches: there were 6 students and myself siting round the table, and various of us had to take turns to deliver proper speeches. I think I might not have taken this as seriously as they expected.

I also got invited to give the closing prayer!

But all in all it was a lovely evening and made me feel included in a way that has not happened before. Lots of pics got taken wiht my camera which went round and everybody had to have a go. We flattened two sets of AAs! I’ll sort through them later and choose some to put up here.

Now back home to continue boiling the fiilter elements of my water filter…

OK, here’s my favourite pic from this party:

Stage IV Party (22k image)

When I saw this I was struck by how **white** I am. I think I had forgotten, and tending to look out from my own eyes I don’t see a lot of white skin. This supprised me and helped me to see how I am perceived by other people here — how very obviously different from them I am.


  1. Mzungbean Says:

    Speeches – cool! 🙂

    Nothing to do with that, but I just want to say:


    (As seen on my own blogrecently…

  2. Mark Says:

    I want a Centronics toothbrush: dental health in parallel.

  3. Mzungbean Says:

    I refuse to say Bluetooth.


    Hey, nice smilies!!

  4. Drew Says:

    …and theres me thinking how tanned you were.
    We were all commenting last night about no one in UK has even got a watch strap mark, Mark. Its more sunny today than it has been all summer.

  5. tyg Says:


    USB cup warmer!