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(I’ve also added a photo of the Party and one the Snake)


  1. Mwalimu Says:

    So, here it is, a signed confession: our students pray to "remember" and "download" in order to pass with distinctions.

    If I wrote the bloody exams it would not be possible to get a distinction by downloading.

    In a few minutes I’m off to start the last exam: Unix II for Stage V students. I would say "wish us luck" but, frankly, I don’t think its appropriate. Let them pass if they are **smart**. Otherwise, let them fail. A couple in particular amaze me that they were able to reach the final stage of this Diploma. If they are awarded Diplomas at all I question whether this college is, in fact, doing a good, professional job.

  2. Mark Says:

    Apparently the ‘discos’ the students are afraid of are not the sort where teenagers juggle about seductively to popular music, but the sort where one’s registration as a student is discontinued.

    Supps (pronounced ‘Soups’ for some reason) are supplemental examinations and Repeats speak for themselves.

  3. Bongo Mungbean Says:

    "JUGGLE about seductively"…?

    have you not had the balls out recently?

    😉 [ btw this wink smiley looks a bit too evil for my liking…! Love the groucho though. ]

  4. Mark Says:

    Sorry, I ment Jiggle. :doze:

  5. Lydia Says:

    Can you jiggle your balls? 😀