Things to do with a Leatherman, #2

My sister Jan and her husband Steve came to visit and brought me a new toilet seat.

Penny told her my old one wasn’t the kind you’d want to spend any time on if you were caught short with a touch of equatorial tummy trouble.
To be fair, the old one had developed a couple of cracks that could give you a nasty nip if you didn’t sit perfectly still, and brace your thighs against the rim. But I’d been getting used to it.
Steve fitted the new one and declared there should be an opening ceremony. So I put on suitable music and, with suitable pomp and circumstance, cut the “ribbon”.
“I hereby declare this bog open.”
“God bless her, and all who pee in her.”


  1. Penny Says:

    😀 I’m sure that B&Q would be prud to know that their bog seats are so carefully fitted and treasured. Bless all those that sit on her!

  2. Drew Says:

    Laughs 🙂 😀

  3. Lydia Says:

    😀 Nice view of the tattoo!

  4. penny Says:

    i meant "proud" not prud !

  5. Chris Says:

    "So I put on suitable music"

    Erm… :rolleyes:

    You gonna tell us then, or must we launch into ridiculous punnery?

  6. Mark Says:

    Chris, you guessed correctly. I deliberately didn’t specify what "suitbale music" I chose to open my choo. I was hoping for some good suggestions here! 😀

  7. Nic Says:

    fantasic! that made me laugh lots, most needed today. And I too had forgotten what wonderful tattoo that is… I remember it’s birth:-)


    Nic x

  8. Chris Says:

    "open my choo"…? Steady on, 007.

    We’d better get our thinking hats on, then…

    re: the Tatt, I don’t remember its exact birth, but I do remember seeing blood :blush:

    Let the Punnery commence!! [looks for smiley waving chequered flag…]

  9. DJBJ Says:

    Toi-let it be, the Beetles

    Anything by Loo Loo

  10. natty Says:

    We have a second-line song here in New Orleans called "Ain’t No Place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day." It’s pretty festive.

  11. Fede Says:

    Hey Mark,

    you look great, tanned, with tatto and such. Is that your loo? Now you need to redo the floor to match the shininess of the new loo seat…!! I’ll send you rob, he’s been doing great stuff in our new pad…

    Went to TG saturday – the best TG in years, brought me and lore back to good memories of Submission. The music was perfect, the dj gorgeous, the outfits impressive, the venue fabulous. Doo dits played live, in a packed room. Nobody danced swing! Shame. Missed you


  12. Cad Says:

    Now that truly is "Kazi Paradise" 🙂

    Excellent news about your teaching the folk who actually want to learn! Finally!

    The moon smiles down….