Who cares?

I share my new office with Cristina from Spain. Over various coffee breaks in the last week or so I have told her the stories of my teaching experiences in Kenya. Today I came in to find this stuck up on the wall behind my desk:

Who Cares


  1. christine Says:

    Hi M. Love the cartoon. Good to hear you are settling in, down, around. Have decided I’m moving to Victoria – going to give this Reece thing (another!) go. Interviewing for jobs, looking for a place to live and anticipating a long drive up over the Rocky Mountains in September. Happy dancing friend. C

  2. christine yambu of hrc-kenya Says:

    If this is how she took it fine.who care anyway?
    Ishould admit it was’nt a easy going here in kenya.
    but you know what? you did your best and we are very pround of you!

  3. Pauline Wakasiakah Says:

    how i wish she would know what you went through!! if only she would have seen Juddy Rutto’s java script paper then she would have known the answer to the toon’s question.